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colour match

Specialist colour match service

At Kerrie Capelli, we have a range of high-quality, premium hair extensions to choose from.

In order to match up root colour with the best extensions, we use colour rings.

Our hair extension colour rings help to perfectly match up the client’s natural hair colour to the right shade of hair extensions so that they blend seamlessly and have a natural looking finish.

Our colour rings will give clients the opportunity to get a literal feel of the extensions and the shades available.

For more information about our colour ring service, contact us.

Our wholesale hair extensions

At Kerrie Capelli, we provide a range of hair extensions to suit a variety of needs – from total newbies to long term wearers.



Weft hair extensions are a popular application method because this type of extension requires no glue or heat and minimises damage to the natural hair. Weft hair extensions are made using real human hair that is sewn onto a strip and then attached to natural hair.

Find out more information about our wholesale weft hair extensions here.


If you’re looking for hair extensions that will appear very discreet then nano hair extensions are the one. Nano hair extensions can provide length and volume to natural hair without the need for glue, heat or braiding.

Find out more information about our wholesale nano hair extensions here.


Tape-in hair extensions are attached to the root of the natural hair using tape – as the name suggests. Once they have been attached, they’re not budging until you remove them. Tape-in extensions are easy to apply and give a natural finish.

Find out more information about our wholesale tape in hair extensions here.


Halo hair extensions are great for hair extension newbies and first time users because you don’t need to use glue, heat, clips or a sew to attach halo hair extensions. They simply sit on your head and are secured in place by a thin, transparent wire.

Find out more information about our wholesale halo hair extensions here.

Wholesale hair extensions FAQs

How long do hair extensions last?

Hair extensions can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks, depending on the type of hair extensions you have. Pre-bonded hair extensions that are attached to individual strands of natural hair can last up to five months.

Nano hair extensions can last between 6-9 months if maintained through regular appointments. (It is recommended that you book a maintenance appointment every 2 months).

Tape in hair extensions generally need to be retaped after 4-8 weeks but if they are still in good enough condition, they can be reattached.

How long your extensions will last is largely dependent on the type of hair extensions you choose and technicians should be consulted about this to provide clear aftercare instructions.

Which hair extensions are best?

Choosing a favourite type of hair extension will come down to personal preference, however there are certain types of hair extensions that rake in the most popular votes.

Clip in hair extensions are popular because they are cheaper and very easy and quick to apply. Tape in hair extensions are also popular because they look very natural and are thicker.

However, halo extensions are a great choice for first time users because they simply sit on the crown of the head and aren’t attached to your natural hair so they will not put pressure on it.

Can you dye hair extensions?

If you want to dye or tone your hair extensions, it is important that you do so carefully so as not to ruin the quality of the extensions. We advise that you test a strand first before you dye the whole set.

Do hair extensions fall out easily?

Hair extensions, if applied correctly, should remain intact for at least a few weeks but there are a number of factors that can cause hair extensions to fall out prematurely.

Certain hair extensions will not suit certain hair types. For example, bonded extensions will not work well on oily hair and if you have very fine, soft hair then nano hair extensions are better suited to that hair type.

Are hair extensions bad for your hair?

Hair extensions have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to their hair friendliness but damage should be minimised if the extensions are applied by a specialist technician.

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