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Hair loss treatment plans

Kerrie Capelli is a specialist clinic providing support and treatment to those with hair-loss problems. We help a range of clients regain their confidence by tailoring unique hair loss treatments to their needs. We are here to provide support and solutions for everyone.

For more information about our hair consultation and treatment services, contact us.


Our ethos

At Kerrie Capelli, we understand that we have a duty of care to our clients and we invite anyone to sit down with us and discuss whatever problems and fears you may have regarding treatment.

Hair loss can be a devastating and extremely sensitive experience and we strive to make our environment a private, friendly and supportive place for all.

Our consultations will be one-to-one and entirely confidential, so you do not need to worry about sharing anything you are not comfortable with or disclosing personal information to anyone other than one of our qualified specialists.

We aim to restore confidence in our clients and help them rebuild themselves. We have witnessed many fantastic transformations as a result of our extensive treatment plans and we hope that we can help you on your self-love journey too.

What do we do?

Our Process

  • Consultation

    We will have a one-to-one consultation in a safe, supportive environment where we can discuss your unique situation and this will help us determine the best course of action.

    The consultation process is carried out by our hair loss replacement specialist Kerrie Taylor who has over 15 years of experience in the hair industry.

  • Diagnosis from a qualified Trichologist

    After the consultation process, you will be referred to our clinic Trichologist Harry Callaghan, who has over 50 years of experience in hair and specialises in the study of diseases related to hair loss and treatments.

    Harry can provide a diagnosis during a free consultation if you are receiving a hair replacement service.

  • Individual treatment plans

    We will tailor a bespoke treatment plan to you and your needs.

  • Advice

    Our friendly specialist team will provide helpful and supportive advice moving forward.

    Information on how to refer to other health professionals if needed

    We can provide information on relevant health professionals that can help and further your support.

  • Hair replacement services

    We offer high-quality hair replacement services.

  • Ongoing support

    We will continue to support you on your journey to recovery and self-confidence.

What type of hair loss problems do you deal with?

Alopecia female pattern baldness

Alopecia Male pattern baldness

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Totalis

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Ophiasis

Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Mucinosa

Traumatic Alopecia

Cicatricial Alopecia

Trichotillomania (Hair pulling)

Telogen Effluvium

Anagen Effluvium

Children’s hair loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the GP offer hair loss treatment?

Your GP should be able to identify the cause of the hair loss and advise you on treatment options and medications.

Can you grow back lost hair quickly?

Hair loss can be a devastating experience for individuals and can seriously affect their confidence. There are a number of natural remedies to help stimulate hair growth and help you to regrow your hair quickly:

Massaging the scalp and using hair oils and masks
Aloe vera
Coconut oil
Rosemary oil

Remember that with natural remedies, it may take a while before you start to see any results but it is important to maintain a healthy hair routine and this is likely to boost hair growth as well as keep your hair nourished.

What products can stop hair loss?

Kerrie Cappelli can provide a bespoke treatment plan to help with hair loss problems. Book a consultation.

Does stress cause your hair to fall out?

Stress and anxiety can be related to hair loss and these are usually related to certain conditions such as telogen effluvium and trichotillomania.

Do some hairstyles damage your hair and cause it to fall out?

Some hairstyles, if they place significant stress on your natural hair, may cause hair loss. Hairstyles that involve pulling back your hair tightly such as buns, ponytails and other forms of tightly knotted hairstyles can cause damage to hair follicles.

How do you treat hair loss?

There are a number of hair loss treatments available and it is also important to find treatment for the underlying cause behind the hairloss. To find out more information about our hair loss treatments, contact us.

Do certain hair products cause hair to fall out?

Certain chemicals in hair products can be abrasive on the hair follicles, however it is more likely that hair loss will be triggered by an allergic reaction to a product or chemical burns following a botched bleach job.

Try to use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfates, parabens or alcohol as these chemicals can also cause damage to hair.

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