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Tape in hair extensions are incredibly long-lasting and can give natural hair volume and length in an instant. Kerrie Capelli is a specialist wholesale hair extensions supplier, providing high-quality tape in hair extensions and bespoke hair treatments.

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Weft Hair Extensions
What are tape in hair extensions?

As the name suggests, tape in hair extensions are taped to the root of the hair using – you guessed it – tape. This creates a strong bond between extension and natural hair follicles and extensions will not be budging until they are removed.

Weft Hair Extensions
How are tape in hair extensions applied?

If you want a voluminous finish, then tape in extensions are a great option. Tape in hair extensions are extremely easy to apply and take out and they do not cause damage to natural hair. They simply stick to your hair roots and lie naturally against the head.

Tape in extensions provide a natural, slick look and application takes hardly any time at all compared to some types of hair extensions. You can have your tape in extensions applied within the hour which is extremely convenient if time is of the essence.

Tape in hair extensions FAQs

Tape in hair extensions are one of the least damaging extensions to have and if well-looked after, should not harm your natural hair. For permanent hair extensions, tape in hair extensions are one of the most safe choices.

Tape in hair extensions can last around 4-6 months if you keep up with regular maintenance appointments every 6 weeks to be re-taped.

After the 6 month mark, you should consider purchasing a fresh new set as keeping the same set of extensions for too long can damage them and affect the quality of their appearance.

Tape in hair extensions can be removed using a special remover or oil.

Tape in extensions can add length and volume to thin, short hair and as the tape is discreet, you can keep wearing the extensions in the process of waiting for your natural hair to grow.

If extensions are regularly maintained, then hair loss or damage should be minimal. Tape in hair extensions are one of the safest hair extensions to use.

When washing your hair you should detangle it first and apply products gently, massaging it into the extensions but taking care not to scrub as this can tangle them.

You should also apply conditioner from the mid-length of the extension to the tips rather than applying at the roots. After washing, carefully brush your hair and gently towel dry – do not rub your hair as this can damage the extensions.

You should then blow dry your hair until it is dry using a heat protective formula.

In general, you should always make sure that you dry your hair thoroughly after each wash using a heat protective formula.

Tips for looking after tape in hair extensions:

  • Prevent your extensions from getting tangled by regularly brushing them. Take care to hold the extensions at the root when you’re brushing.
  • Wash your hair using shampoos and conditioners that are free from any parabens or sulfates. It is best to use products from a moisture or colour range.
  • When applying conditioner, avoid touching the root area and just condition from mid-length to ends of the extensions.
  • Do not use volume, repair or protein products on the extensions.
  • Use a heat protector when styling.
  • Keep hair clean and do not allow it to get oily.
  • Do not leave tape in hair extensions to dry naturally. Blow dry hair (but on a low heat and not upside down).
  • Avoid chlorine as this can discolour the extensions.
  • Wash hair in the shower and not the bath.

Kerrie Capelli offer a specialist hair extension course to help both qualified and unqualified hair stylists develop their skills.

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