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Weft hair extensions are a fan favourite because they do not require glue or heat to apply, and are one of the most hair-friendly extensions on the market.

Kerrie Capelli have a range of wholesale weft hair extensions to suit a variety of hair types.

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Weft Hair Extensions

What are weft hair extensions?

Having sewn in hair wefts applied to natural hair is one of the most common hair extensions to choose from.

Weft hair extensions are strands of hair sewn onto a strip of cloth. The way that the extensions are applied to the client’s hair is dependent upon the type of weft hair extension they have chosen – as there are a few.

Weft hair extensions can be applied by a technician’s hands or a machine and some types of weft hair extensions will be more suitable to certain hair types than others.

Technicians should be able to give advice about how much weight is best for the client’s natural hair thickness.

There are a number of different weft hair extension types to choose from.

Quad Weft Hair Extensions

A quad weft hair extension combines four wefts of hair that are sewn onto the cloth or lace material strip. This will provide thicker extensions than a traditional single weft.


Machine-tied weft hair extensions attach hair to the weft using a sewing machine and require a larger, heavier weft of hair in order for it to work. This is why this type of weft extension is a good choice for those who have thick and textured hair as the bulkier nature of the machine weft extensions will not be as noticeable.

Although machine-tied weft hair extensions can be heavier and bulkier than hand-tied extensions, this can make them a bit more secure.

Weft hair Extensions


With hand-tied weft hair extensions, technicians will manually tie your natural hair to the extension seam and secure it in place by hand.

Hand-tied weft hair extensions are practically invisible when applied to natural hair, meaning that you do not have to worry about people seeing the weft stick out.

Hand-tied wefts are generally more expensive than machine weft hair extensions and because they are lightweight and thinner than other types of extensions, are well suited to those with fine hair.

Hand-tied weft hair extensions typically last an average of 6-9 weeks before you need to head back to the salon but this can vary depending on how well you care for your hair and how fast your natural hair grows.


Similarly to clip-in extensions, the micro weft hair extensions are applied using a weft of hair that is attached to a long seam. These hair wefts come in a range of colours and can add volume and length to natural hair.

Micro weft hair extensions are applied using a row of microbeads that the weft of hair is sewn through and secured into place.

This type of weft hair extension can create instant volume and is easy and quick to apply and remove. Typically micro weft hair extensions last for an average of 6-9 months if you provide the correct aftercare and maintenance.

However, it is recommended that you have micro weft hair extensions removed and reapplied every 6-8 weeks.

Weft Hair Extensions

Why choose weft hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions have a host of benefits. Weft hair extensions can prevent your hair from tangling and you can try out a whole new hairstyle without the commitment of a haircut and dye job.

Weft extensions can also add texture to your hair and be tailored to your specific hair type and requirements. They also do not use glue or heat, and if applied by an experienced technician, should not damage your natural hair.

Weft hair extensions FAQs

How do you look after weft hair extensions?

To boost the longevity and quality of your weft hair extensions, you should implement a proper aftercare routine.

Tips for looking after weft hair extensions:

Prevent your extensions from getting tangled by regularly brushing them. Take care to hold the extensions at the root when you’re brushing.

Wash your hair using shampoos and conditioners that are free from any parabens or sulfates. It is best to use products from a moisture or colour range.

When applying conditioner, avoid touching the root area and just condition from mid-length to ends of the extensions.

Do not use volume, repair or protein products on the extensions.

Use a heat protector when styling.
Keep hair clean and do not allow it to get oily.

Do not leave weft hair extensions to dry naturally. Blow dry hair (but on a low heat and not upside down).

Avoid chlorine as this can discolour the extensions.
Wash hair in the shower and not the bath.

Get your extensions refitted after 12 weeks. If extensions are left too long, they can begin to damage the natural hair.

Do weft extensions damage hair?

As weft hair extensions are applied without using glue or heat, they are generally very hair-friendly. It is important to implement a proper aftercare routine and go back for maintenance checks and refits in order to keep hair healthy and free from damage.

How do you remove weft hair extensions?

The process of weft hair extension removal is very simple and quick. The best way to remove weft hair extensions is to remove them row by row and to begin at the bottom part of the back of the head. After sectioning out the first weft, clip off any excess hair.

Do beaded weft extensions damage your hair?

Beaded wefts are attached to natural hair using silicone beads rather than glue, heat, chemicals or tape which makes damage a lot less likely. Beaded weft extensions are also more lightweight, natural-looking and put less pressure on the hair follicles.

Do you offer weft hair extensions training?

Kerrie Capelli offer a specialist hair extension course to help both qualified and unqualified hair stylists develop their skills.

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