an exclusive hairloss method

Hair integration

Designed for Clients Suffering With Severe Hairloss.
Take Your Salon to 6-Figures and beyond by Offering This Life Changing, Non-surgical Hair Restoration Technique.
Boost your salons profits


New and existing clients will come to you in droves for life-changing $5,000 hair restoration treatments.

The Kerrie Capelli Mesh Hair Integration Class

Have you ever had a client who just can't wear regular hair extensions?

We've got your back.

KC Mesh Integration is a new method that allows clients suffering from
life-changing hair-loss conditions like post cancer treatment and
alopecia to wear beautiful, natural-looking extensions without feeling
like they're wearing anything at all. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and gives you more freedom to experiment with new styles than you ever thought possible.

What's more:
if you want to learn how to do this method yourself, we're here for you! We offer free classes in our office where you can learn the ins and outs of KC Mesh integrationโ€”and get tips on how to keep your clients' hair looking amazing while they go through their treatments.

Whether your clients want natural-looking extensions or something a little edgier, we've got the products and services that will help them look and feel awesome.

Suffering from hair loss or thinning hair can be devastating. Give your clients more-than-believable & realistic-looking hair to boost their confidence. No surgery is needed.
Are You Tired Of Day to DAy Salon life?


No more standing by the chair for 10 hours straight. Work on a client, at your own pace and then enjoy the rest of your day.
What Will I Learn?

Areas Covered In The Class

The KC Mesh Hair Integration Method - How to use Kerrie Capelli's revolutionary hair loss method to help your clients suffering with hair loss

Health and Safetyย - how to ensure your client is 100% safe.

Data protection and confidentialityย - how to treat your client's data in a way that complies with regulatory requirements.

Anatomy and physiology of the skin and hairย - master your knowledge of the fundamentals.

The consultation process and suitability of the serviceย - how to determine which clients you can help and how to manage expectations.

Terms and conditions and client consent formsย - how to make sure you protect yourself legally.

Aftercare and maintenanceย - how to ensure all hair extension applications remain fabulous for the advised period of time.

Marketing, wholesale, and costing adviceย - how to maximize and calculate your new profits with ease.

After The Class

Mentor & Guidance

After you graduate from The Kerrie Capelli Mesh Hair Integration training, you will also receive:

  • An accredited certificateย that proves you have been trained by Kerrie Capelli and are ready to use the hair restoration methods on your clients.
  • Social media assetsย so you can start marketing your new career immeimmediately.
  • Access to our private Facebook group,ย where you will have ongoing support and access to supportive peers.
  • Exclusive follow-ups from Kerrieย to ensure you have support and any answers you need, regardless of the situation.
  • Complete Case Study:ย During
    this time, the students must work on a live model from home and send us pictures and videos of the process from start to finish. This will allow us to monitor and mentor the students to ensure they are successful after leaving the class. Once this is complete and we have determined the students have passed, they will receive their certifications.